Security and Privacy

Privacy on our Site
The information you enter via our site is solely yours and can not be used by us. Industry-standard measures are applied to ensure the safety of these data. Your contact with the site is encrypted with the SSL protocol.

Your credit card information is only requested for one-time use in payment processing and is strictly not stored in the system.

The page navigation on the site is recorded, this information is not person-specific and is collected solely to improve the site and provide better service.

The date, time, and IP (Internet) address of the payment transactions are recorded to prevent possible malicious use. In the case of malicious use which may occur while using a credit card, this information may be used as evidence in a possible legal process.

Dolphin Hotel will not share any entered user information with third parties.

Security on our site
All purchases made via credit card on our site are made with 3-D Secure system. On this page you will enter your credit card information on the payment screen of the bank from which you received your credit card. You can also increase your security level by dialing your card during payment. After the payment is over, the amount withdrawn to your mobile phone will be sent by SMS. If you have any doubts, you can immediately call the bank and cancel the payment. With 3-D Secure you are even more secure on the Internet.

As long as you use our site, the information you enter is encrypted using 256 bit SSL and the security of your information is kept at maximum level. You can view your SSL certificate by double clicking on the lock sign located at the bottom right of the page when you move to the purchase page.

Our SSL certificate is registered at

What is SSL
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) was developed by Netscape Communications in 1995 to provide secure data exchange over the Internet. It is now the most widely used protocol in the world for virtual commerce transactions.

SSL ensures that the information sent is strictly decipherable only in the correct address. Information is automatically encrypted before it is sent and can only be decrypted by the correct recipient. Verification is done on both sides to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the process and information.

The security strength of SSL depends on the size of the session key. The most commonly used SSL key is 128 bits long and offers very high security for virtual commerce transactions. It is not possible to break a key of this length or longer with today’s possibilities.